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Dedicated Support

You can rest assure that you will never be left alone, we implement, configure and provide training. our end-to-end call visibility allows us to be more transparent, monitor, Diagnose, And Resolve Problems Without Blaming the issues among vendors.

More Features for your Small Business

no matter how small or big your business is, be confident that updated and the latest Technology will be available to you. from Presence, Click to call, CRM integration, and More.

Manage it YOur Way

When there's changes in your company you can take control and manage your Phone system your way or let us know any changes and we'll handle it for you.


We understand that it can be hard to figure out the best communication solution for your business. We Provide Personal, dedicated service cater to your business needs. As a result, you can communicate better with your staff, Clients and grow your business.

Hosted Phones

Ensure quality with our Unified Communications System that is hosted across different geo-redundant data centers. Witness how to grow your business revenue and make communication a great experience for your clients, staff, and community.

Business SMS

Our Business SMS Solution lets you seamlessly connect with people, organize teams, bring remote workers together, or establish relationships with customers without your business running up a high bill.


Working remotely or always on the go? Take your business communications with you anywhere with our mobile VoIP software. ReachUC uses the latest iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS technologies to provide seamless mobile and call handling experience.

Web Meeting

You don’t need to be with your employees to collaborate and work productively. Whether you’re presenting to a customer or quickly discussing with colleagues, our easy-to-use online meeting tool saves you time and effort.

Next Generation

Office Phone Systems

Business VoIP Solutions

When it comes to hosted communications, it is our mission to provide easy-to-use, and the most effective and cost-efficient cloud VoIP solutions for every business. With ongoing expansion across the globe, we ensure to meet the demand of businesses of all sizes.

Rich Unified Communications

Outdated business communications systems stand in the way of innovation and growth. WE offers a range of solutions that can streamline operations, improve organizational productivity, mobility and agility, and reduce costs. All delivered over our own nationwide network, in a solution tailored to business needs, so you can keep your people moving forward and your customers coming back for more.

Personalized Setup & Support

The simple, effective, and reliable VoIP phone system that gives you the features and analytics you need to improve your team performance anywhere in the world. Set up our VoIP phone system for business in just minutes.

99.999% Service Uptime

Our way of developing a comprehensive redundancy plan involves making sure you have a diverse internet delivery paths and providers. Save your business from the expenses related to damaging outages, and talk with one of our specialists to start planning for your business now!
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Get Into The Cloud

Benefits of Moving To Hosted PBX

Doing business operations all by yourself is not always the best idea! If you’re tired of handling a cumbersome proprietary phone system that extensively utilizes your IT resources just to maintain it, then maybe it’s time to switch your telephone system to cloud.

With the enormous growth of hosted services, wise business owners are choosing to go for off-premise solutions, particularly in the field of communications. One vital solution is the hosted PBX and these are the top five benefits to be enjoyed when you switch to VoIP service:

Cost Efficiency
Easy to Scale
No Maintenance
Backup & Recovery

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Team Up Telecom supports local business owners as a member of the

Cloud Voice Alliance

Over recent years, the world of communication has transformed considerably. Every small and local business provider continuously exert more efforts to grow its customer base just to compete with larger competitors with wider geographic footprints and larger budgets. The resource gap is significant and it's a challenge for local service providers to succeed. Fortunately, Cloud Voice Alliance helps local business providers to have a real voice in the communication industry. And Team Up Telecom supports members of CVA to let customers know that they don’t need to choose a huge UCaaS service provider to get better products, solutions, and services since there are excellent local providers in the industry.

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