The Total Package In Business Phone Systems

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The Total Package

In Business Phone Systems

As a cutting-edge solution for communication, a business phone system is a device used to make more efficient incoming and outgoing calls by taking advantage of all advanced call features for businesses like conference calling, call transfer, automated menus, etc.

The Team Up Telecom business phone system is completely cloud-based, enabling you to implement new software without adding extra infrastructure or expenses. So as your business evolves, our network seamlessly scales with you without any unexpected charges.

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VoIP business phone systems are by far the most intelligent phone system. They’re loaded with excellent standard features that are vital to call quality and client experience.

Improve your Business Communications

Communication is an essential factor in any successful relationship whether personal or in business. With the help of new technologies such as cloud-based VoIP phones, you can unlock a way for you to significantly boost your business communications.

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Compared to the conventional phone service, the VoIP system offers several advantages such as portability, affordability, and additional features. Team Up Telecom offers call packages that enable inclusive minutes for calls to specific destinations at a very low monthly fee. A customer can choose a number, instead of being locked into particular area codes and prefixes. Several features are presented as part of the basic monthly fee, such as call forwarding on busy, voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, etc.

You can buy as many lines as you need for your office. Team Up Telecom offers several affordable packages to choose from, and you can also purchase extra lines.

First, you need to place the first call on hold, then dial the second number, and press the conference soft key on the phone once there’s already a second call. You will have a free conference number and conference bridge with every account.

Yes. Team Up Telecom will port your business phone numbers from your existing business phone service.

Your business phones will keep on working since your PBX is hosted in the cloud. In case there’s a power interruption, you can set up your mobile phone as another destination to receive calls.


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