Point Of Sale Call Pop Up.

Let’s make this simple. The question is “is there a way for the callers information to pop out in your POS without any complicated set up or extra software?” The answer is yes!

How is this possible?

Thanks to my mentor, colleague, friend who introduced me to Vertex Caller ID. This is a device that filters SIP packets in the network and pushes the information to supported POS systems. The POS catches the phone number and pops up the information in the POS automatically so you can take the order right away. This makes it easier for the staff to get the order without entering the phone number specially if the caller’s information is already saved in the POS.

What is needed for this to work?

Unfortunately this will not work on regular pots/phone line. You need to have Team Up Telecom’s VOIP services or other similar companies. You will need the appropriate device from CallerID.com. In my case I used the Vertex Caller ID for my first 2 pizza restaurant using Future POS.

Advantage Using Vertex Caller ID

One big advantage of using the Vertex Caller ID is you don’t have to install any extra software. Unlike other pop up software The only software you need to install is the vertex configuration tool as this is how you initially configure the Vertex device. The next step is for the POS technician to set up Caller ID in their system. Click here to see the list of software supported by Caller ID.

Final Thoughts

Shout out to Caller ID for there great support. The configuration is minimal and it makes your client happy. As the owner of Local Pizza Company at St. Petersburg Florida said, “I should have had this service a long time ago”. He was very happy that he shared it with another pizzeria, New York Pizza at East Lake Palm Harbor Florida.


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